The Nick and Nora Variety Hour!!!!!!!!!!

A variety show dedicated to showcasing local talent.


One of our best episodes yet! Featuring some killer talent:
Pure Magical Love -
Unmanned Ship -
Gel Set -
Stacian -

Coming soon! Episode 4! Featuring Unmanned Ship! Gel Set! Stacian! Pure Magical Love! Episode 3 is now airing on Chicago Public Access channel 19 on:
9/7/12 @ 7:30 PM
9/9/12 @ 2:30 PM
9/24/12 @ 6:30 PM
9/25/12 @ 1:30 PM

The Nick and Nora Variety Hour!! Episode 3!!


WHEN: April 18 8pm - 11pm

WHERE: CAN TV Studio - 322 s green st. (one block west of halsted, right off of van buren, super close to uic/halsted blue line stop)


We are taping another episode of our fabulous variety show and would love if you could be a member of the live studio audience. The show will be great because of the following guests:





It will be an incredible evening of music and comedy! And maybe even drama! Please come! Your presence is needed to make the show great!

photos from the taping of episode 14! By Liam O’Donnell!

Taping of The Third Episode of The Nick and Nora Variety Hour!

Please join us for the taping of the third episode of The Nick and Nora Variety Hour. It is going to be absolutely fabulous. Guests include:

*The virtuosic music of Chicago legend ONO
*The dream journals of Tim Kinsella, read by none other than dreamer TIM KINSELLA
*The genius of HUNTER HUSAR
*The incredibly composed and elegantly played music of unrivaled musical talents WUME

Come one and all! Be a part of the show!! Taping begins at 8pm, please be prompt! Do not wear green! Experience the wonders of public access television! Come to CAN TV studios, located at 322 S Green street, right off the UIC Halsted blue line stop! IT WILL BE FUN!

Episode 2 Teaser! from The Nick and Nora Variety Hour! on Vimeo.

The Nick and Nora Variety Hour Episode 2 Preview!! Starring John Bellows!!

Photos from Episode 2 by the very talented Liam O’Donnell!

During a brief romantic and creative hiatus, Nora sued Nick on The People’s Court. These were dark days for the both of us, but with the help of Judge Marilyn Milian and the American judicial system justice and love triumphed.